March 23, 2023
  1. Baguio residents remain lucky the city has mechanisms that ensure the welfare of Covid-19 patients and their contacts even if the system is still a work in progress.
  2. This political leader was again the laughingstock among Filipinos for threatening the public he would resign from his post, which was considered by many as another joke.
  3. The troll farms and their legion of followers are not happy with the President’s threat to shutdown Facebook because his rise to power was fueled in part by the socmed app.
  4. Baguio residents will most likely heed the stay-at-home order when the city starts accepting visitors from Region 1 despite the surge in Covid-19 cases the past days.
  5. It’s only in his personal social media page that this political leader is projected as compassionate to his constituents but has no significant help in this time of pandemic.
  6. A hundred Baguio residents were directed to render one-day community service for not wearing face mask while strolling at Burnham Park like there’s no Covid-19 threat.
  7. The morale of the city police force remains high despite the surge in Covid-19 cases among PNP trainees assigned in key areas in Baguio during the six-month lockdown.
  8. Many of those engaged in the ukay-ukay business are slowly getting back on their feet after several months of no income courtesy of online selling in free socmed platforms.
  9. Up to now, there are no reports if individuals who received fund assistance more than the amount allowed by the Bayanihan Law were ordered to reimburse the overpayment.
  10. The Yuletide celebrations under the new normal would not be as merry like the past years if the highlands will experience low supply of pork due to the ASF virus.
  11. It took months before this LGU realized the need to be stricter in allowing uniformed frontliners and food pass holders to enter its territory due to Covid-19 cases hike.
  12. The army of trolls should start abandoning social media platforms such as Facebook if they think the “yellows” are behind the recent shutdown of multiple fake accounts.

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