March 27, 2023
  1. Candidates of this cooperative are not annoyed with how an expert in elections prohibits them from using their hard-earned degree titles when campaigning.
  2. This expert in election process is unpopular in the institution where he works for wielding the official car used by a spouse with connection with the judiciary.
  3. An honorable washed dirty linen in public when she cannot bear the heat from criticisms earned for posting on socmed ‘twisted and unverified information’.
  4. Many politicians in the Cordillera opted to reach out to their constituents first before making announcements on the status of their people after the earth quake.
  5. A politician in the Cordillera is not seeking public attention when her office claims credit for the photos of the earthquake taken or posted by netizens on socmed.
  6. Several groups took advantage of the July 27 earthquake to solicit funds here and abroad supposedly for the victims but the same go directly to their pockets.
  7. A well-known political leader has finally decided to move on and support his winning rival, whose supporters are in propaganda mode ahead of the 2025 polls.
  8. The extent of damage in Abra exposed that billions of shares from the tobacco excise taxes have not been properly used for disaster mitigation and response.
  9. This early, relatives and allies of a newly elected official began flexing their influence by meddling in a meeting that was properly presided by the mayor.
  10. These two onion-skinned officials are about to expose their petty quarrels not just to the public but also to a judiciary that is tired of adjudicating disputes.
  11. Up to now, many Filipinos are hoping this comebacking senator would fulfill his campaign promise to distribute P10,000 ayuda to every Filipino family.
  12. The timely response of authorities and civilian volunteers after the quake has saved the lives of those buried by landslides in some parts of the region.

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