March 20, 2023
  1. Guards assigned in business establishments must require clients to wear the proper face shield that covers the face, not just the eyes as per DOH and city guidelines.
  2. Some tourists would prefer using not so famous roads when the city government starts opening its borders for local tourism but will be strict with protocol requirements.
  3. This LGU must investigate former barangay officials on why the proposed barangay hall project did not push through after four steel posts were erected some years ago.
  4. Police supervising border checkpoints must be vigilant of Manila tourists who would pass by Marcos Highway or Quirino Highway and claim they are from Region 1.
  5. Concerned parents complain their children could not catch up with online classes due to some reasons such as poor Internet connectivity and teachers who are not tech savvy.
  6. One of the sponsors of a recent event in the locality was not treated well by some of the organizers, who think they are always doing great service for the people pro bono.
  7. The killing of an anti-corruption advocate in Mountain Province sets a bad precedent if peace loving citizens do not act to prevent such crime from happening again.
  8. Several quarters are exerting efforts to malign the reputation of a controversial person who has been exposing anomalies in government both for personal and public interest.
  9. Benguet chief executives will not order the closure of national roads going to Baguio unlike one Cordillera mayor who unilaterally ordered the closure of a road to tourists.
  10. The national IATF must give incentives to members of the city contact tracing team who are making the rounds in the country to share the recognized CT methodology.
  11. The public seem unconvinced at how some Cordillera LGUs are being transparent in disclosing reports on the Covid-19 response fund and donations from several donors.
  12. Those who are raking in money from unlawful schemes at the public market that is disadvantageous to the city are spreading lies about the market rehab plan.

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