December 5, 2023

1. Residents in an upscale subdivision are hoping the management will coordinate with the NEWT following the sighting of what is believed to be a King cobra.

2.  A senator from the north is the sought-after politician in many provincial events such as the recent festivities in the Cordillera due to her closeness to the President.

3.  Concerned offices must look into the complaints of motorists who claimed their fuel gauge does not even go up after refuelling in a gasoline station in the locality.

4.  An association of indigenous peoples must review its mission and vision to promote the welfare of its members aside from butchering pigs every week.

5.   The provinces of Kalinga and Apayao know the right qualifications for potential candidates for beauty pageants who have a fighting chance in international events.

6.   A faction of an IP group is harboring ill feelings toward a supposed unified group known for observing due process, participatory governance and fund transparency.

7.  A single report does not totally vindicate officials of an embattled agency who are also embroiled in other graft and corruption charges filed before the Ombudsman.

8.  Event organizers must know better the general public, especially the youth, would not waste their time simply to watch a long line of civic parade, including officials.

9.  Many people are starting to realize this supposed folk hero who is facing some criminal charges, including plunder, is openly joining events to gain public support.

10. The La Trinidad police is making efforts to solve series of theft incidents inside a subdivision in Pico overlooking the valley with a highlander-looking as a suspect.

11. A self-proclaimed social media influencer is worried she cannot post long articles to feed her ego, as it can be full of grammatical errors unlike her past edited posts.

12. There was panic buying in some establishments in Baguio on Friday, as residents were expecting a horrendous traffic during the highlight of the festival on weekend.