March 24, 2023
  1. This establishment in the locality is not in allegedly connected to anomalies linking PhilHealth with some private entities submitting questionable claims.
  2. There seems to be a major concern in the filing of cases when notorious drug personalities are being arrested several times for same crime in the past years.
  3. A province has come to accept that it is inevitable to maintain a zero-Covid case if travel pass holders and frontliners are not limited to travel in any place.
  4. A newly installed government executive would issue orders based on sound decision in consultation with employees, not from an insecure undersecretary.
  5. Residents fear an increase in Covid-19 cases within the BLISTT corridor once the Summer Capital decides to open its borders in September for local tourism.
  6. There is no truth to information that a group of VIPs held a party or a concert in Baguio while a ranking PNP officer warns those claiming otherwise.
  7. This local government unit has slowed down in its expanded testing due to the principle of reserve after it distributed for free thousands of kits to other LGUs.
  8. There is no truth to public speculation that a giant mall will most likely end up as the final winning bidder for the ambitious development of the public market.
  9. Several contractors opted not to implement substandard infrastructure projects, as they could not afford the marked increase in SOP demanded by two leaders.
  10. Concerned groups are preparing complaints to be submitted before Malacañang on alleged rigged bidding of infrastructure projects to favored local contractors.
  11. The chief executive will surely scrutinize anew the proposed budget request for purchase of books and other learning modules for learners if the fund is bloated.
  12. Those supporting the proposal of a giant mall to develop the city public market are overjoyed by recent developments even if the project is not yet a done deal.

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