July 15, 2024
  1. There is no contest for clownery between two ranking government officials on the Covid-19 pandemic but one of them sometimes speaks faster than his brain.
  2. The use of political power by this honorable in silencing dissents or critics by mobilizing law enforcers to go after them is part of the democratic process.
  3. The immense contribution of a government executive in the fight against the Covid-19 in CAR is being undermined by internal politics within an agency.
  4. This Bureau of Corrections official thinks that he could convince the public that high-profile inmates died of Covid-19 by simply issuing profanity-laden remarks.
  5. The Presidential spokesman was right in clarifying the President was simply making a joke when he told the public that gasoline can be used as disinfectant.
  6. Personal interest and declined favors could be the reasons why this Cabinet official wanted the demotion of a regional executive performing her job well.
  7. One of the well-loved political leaders in the Cordillera is being convinced by community elders to reconsider going back to politics and run for congressman.
  8. A well-known contractor might abandon any plan for the 2022 elections if only to help his friend boost his chances of winning against a formidable candidate.
  9. LTO must step up its campaign against motorcycle riders, including those who are engaged in food delivery services, if they are holders of valid driver’s license.
  10. Several motorcycle riders, including those engaged in food delivery services, think they are spared from traffic rules for overtaking in any side of the road.
  11. BCPO must verify reports that some owners of private vehicles who use the express lane are fetching returning residents before the checkpoints to avoid the triage.
  12. The public remains skeptical over claims by several groups that they have no ties with the underground movement despite claims by several rebel returnees.