July 19, 2024

1. Malacañang is simply ignoring the opinions of a former Cabinet member on how to achieve food security in the country, which he failed to do when he was in command.

2. A famed chief executive must also be cautious in trusting the antics of a former leader for projecting themselves to be doing public service while cornering projects and events.

3. A self-proclaimed freedom fighter could hardly market herself to the masses especially among State forces who surmise the former is supported by a powerful nation.

4. A well-respected heir of a civic leader in Baguio is wondering why an institution failed to participate in any of the community-driven events of a festival when other schools did.

5. There is no truth to information that tons of non-perishable food and non-food donations from abroad intended for disaster victims are rotting in two warehouses.

6. A ranking official has just exposed himself to the public of being unfamiliar with the issues and concerns handled by his committee during a recent forum in the city.

7. A transport cooperative, as expected by many, will be embroiled in leadership and financial controversy which can be traced to the history of one of its ranking officials.

8. It took decades before officials realized the need for individuals riding water craft at Burnham Park Lake to wear a life vest to protect lives from potential emergency cases.

9. This early, the spouse of a ranking official has listed several individuals as possible candidates for a local political coalition that would go against a formidable group.

10. One of the aspiring candidates for the 2025 elections thinks he could win the hearts of Baguio voters even if he has not won in elections for officers in their profession.

11. High incidence of teenage pregnancies in the Cordillera must be given preferential focus by concerned agencies especially those advocating for women empowerment.

12. The PNP, PDEA, and NBI keep sustaining the war on drugs as proven in the series of raids and other anti-narcotics operations even if not a priority of Malacañang.