July 25, 2024
  1. The discovery of illegal clinics that cater to sick Chinese nationals proves they do not have protection from the government as these aliens thought.
  2. The varying comments from citizens on the breach of MGCQ protocol by a convoy of a visiting mayor shows how people strictly abide by local rules.
  3. Countless individuals wonder why alleged suicide cases are not extensively reported by the media, who are simply protecting would-be suicide victims.
  4. Several chief executives heaved a sigh of relief after learning that a ranking politician who was rushed to a hospital did not show symptoms of the Covid-19.
  5. Baguio is making sure its central triage is well-manned round-the-clock to cater to the growing number of returning city residents projected at 25,000.
  6. The privilege culture enjoyed by politicians in many parts of the country is not well-appreciated by people in the highlands who religiously obey the laws.
  7. There’s no double standard in the internal policies of the PNP when police escorts of the San Juan mayor were relieved for breach of quarantine protocols.
  8. There is an increasing interest among citizens to apply as online trolls after a network reports that trolls can earn from P30,000 up to P70,000 a month.
  9. The NBI and PNP cybercrime units should prove they have the capability to track down those behind the proliferation of dummy Facebook accounts.
  10. It is only when cops are around that residents strictly follow the pedestrian marker guides along the busiest thoroughfare in an acclaimed model city.
  11. The alleged planting of evidence by those charged in the murder of an Army veteran reminds the public of those killed in the war on drugs with .38 revolvers.
  12. The decision of DepEd to suspend the class opening until a vaccine against the Covid-19 is available is lauded by parents, who won’t risk their kids’ health.