December 6, 2023
  1. The constitutionality of a bill allowing 100 percent foreign ownership in power, transport, and communications will be fully scrutinized by the vigilant Senate.
  2. A lot of teachers in public and private schools will have a hard time catching up with technology if DepEd decides to employ online learning under the new normal.
  3. Residents, especially leaders and frontliners, heaved a sigh of relief when Typhoon Ambo did not wreak havoc in Northern Luzon during the health crisis.
  4. This ranking police officer has made sure there was no mañanita and gathering of people when he marked his birthday last week without a party.
  5. This local administration, in a bid to further improve governance, must learn to accept public criticisms, as there is no such thing as a ‘perfect government.’
  6. The hiring of supposed ambassadors by some government agencies is not based on credentials but on appearance and popularity for obvious reasons.
  7. Residents in one barangay wonder why their creek is producing what appeared to be white soap bubbles, which is feared to be a form of water contamination.
  8. Gullible citizens will not care to understand the issues about the franchise of this TV network that earned the displeasure of those in the halls of power.
  9. An agency, which was publicly dared to do its part in the fight against the Covid-19, has delivered the test kits and equipment sans fanfare.
  10. Several owners of homegrown businesses with similar operation like the mall are closely monitoring the LGUs if there is selective reopening of businesses.
  11. Concerned LGUs in the locality are aware of the possible spread of the African swine fever, following reports that “etag” laced with the ASF virus are being sold.
  12. Residents of two barangays in the locality are discreetly coordinating with each other regarding their plan to file charges against officials over SAP mess.