December 6, 2023

1. An entity holding an internship program is conducting regular training for students but worries concerned offices that monitor the underground movement’s recruitment.

2. Another possible offshore gaming with foreigners as workers is operating illegally in an urban center without concerned authorities and local officials knowing about it.

3. Inviting individuals to invest as franchise co-owners of a supposed American-based restaurant is talk of the town as a possible form of a pyramiding scheme.

4. Filipinos expect several ranking officials might accompany the President when he attends the coronation of the new King and Queen of England to act as his chaperones.

5. There is massive earthmoving in a pine-covered private property near one of the famous tourist sites in Baguio but environmentalists remain silent about it.

6. There are improvements in traffic flow in Baguio during peak season such as the Panagbenga 2023, a sign that authorities are seriously devising routes to ease gridlocks.

7. Up to now, residents in identified tourism circuits in the region are hopeful tourists will soon visit their areas, especially if their sites are indeed included in local tour packages.

8. Civic-oriented groups volunteering during the SumVac in Baguio must consider deploying their members in nearby La Trinidad where spillover of tourists is noticeable.

9. Domestic and foreign tourists must be warned against bogus travel and tour packages and accommodation facilities, as such incidents have also been reported in Baguio City.

10. People are again worried of horrendous traffic along the route going to Stone Kingdom, which reopened after it was closed for months for permit and safety concerns.

11. A television station based in the South is not admitting it has incurred huge losses due to decline in its viewership and ads placements due to perceived bias in its reportage.

12. The announcement by Supreme Court on the scheduled release of the 2022 Bar results is now causing anxiety to most of the examinees, especially the second or third takers.