December 5, 2023
  1. A known political leader is wondering why chief executives of this province have perfect attendance in meetings when they send representatives in the past.
  2. Concerned officials share the same suspicion that some of the etag being sold in local markets came from pigs that were supposed to be depopulated for ASF.
  3. This self-styled lawyer earned public criticism for too much politicking during the Covid-19 pandemic, which caused intrigues among concerned local leaders.
  4. Information has it that all kinds of vegetables are sold at P10 a kilo in a trading site but this concerned agency is reporting a different price list to the public.
  5. Due to some restrictions, several government employees are creating dummy accounts on social media to air their grievances on the Covid-19 situation.
  6. Countless individuals who do not know any better are accusing local officials of enriching themselves from food donations and financial aids sans evidence.
  7. Some groups have launched series of solicitations supposedly for marginalized members affected by the lockdown but such donations are not distributed.
  8. The source of water has become an edge when online selling of strawberries became the trend during the Luzonwide enhanced community quarantine.
  9. There is zero Covid-19 case in other Cordillera provinces because residents strictly abide by the lockdown and due to their respect for elders.
  10. If elections are held right after the Covid-19 lockdown, many of the current political leaders might not get reelected for failure in leadership and broken promises.
  11. Administrators of some social media accounts of law enforcement units should also be taught about vetting their sources so as not to spread the posts of paid trolls.
  12. Several residents near a health care facility are not giving up their fight against the use of the facility to treat suspected carriers of the coronavirus disease-2019.