July 25, 2024

1.   A government official could hardly explain there is funding as to why his statement has caused an uproar among IPs and leaders why the use of the term Igorot be avoided.

2.  A group of ranking officials and their kin are excited to be part of the President’s team who will fly to the United States for the second bilateral talks between two leaders.

3.  There is a consistent complaint from the barangays that commercial establishments are prioritized in the water rationing due to the water shortage in many areas.

4.  A progressive group might be correct in its assumption that the intelligence funds of an agency is not properly put to use since those being red-tagged are the same old groups.

5. Filipinos have become politically mature that they can decipher if the results of surveys involving the trust and performance ratings of select public officials are not paid.

6. An agency previously linked to alleged corruption is at the center of public discourse after it announced that it is lacking plastic cards resulting in failure to produce driver’s license.

7. Initial results of the popularity online surveys involving Miss Universe-PH candidates show there is a high public approval on the decision of organizers to become inclusive.

8. The modern jeeps are only good for the paved but not steep slopes unlike the traditional jeeps that could navigate tough terrains in the Cordillera just like modern off-road SUVs.

9. The pending appointment of an aspiring department head is not a walk in the park since the other candidates for the position dislike the former due to lack of interpersonal skills.

10. This capital town might already seriously consider investing on the establishment of a water district not only for stable water supply, but also for being crucial during fire emergencies.

11. Up to now, Filipinos want to know the status of the courtesy resignations of 953 police generals and colonels as some of them have already retired before a verdict is available.

12. It is fitting and as a matter of courtesy to those who submitted their resignation letters for the DILG to announce in public the names of those cleared from illegal drug links.