October 4, 2023

1. The DOT might revisit its formula that each tourist spends P2,500 to P3,000 a day of stay in Baguio, as many enterprising visitors have schemes to minimize expenses.

2. Millions of Filipinos, especially those with driver’s license, wonder why LTO has shortage of plastics for printing of license card when there is huge funding for it.

3. Apayao has just proven in the Caraa Meet 2023 future Olympians from the region will come from this province that produces athletes that excel in individual sports.

4. The world and millions of Filipino mobile users almost stopped when the Facebook Messenger application has experienced technical glitches for minutes some days ago.

5.  The supposed prank involving vloggers who do not know any better than to mislead their followers could have been a true story if there was no cop who busted their plot.

6. Unsuspecting overseas workers are among the targets of a pyramiding scheme that uses a foreign-sound business that received more negative feedbacks from clients.

7. The series of complaints against top NCIP officials might result in the non-renewal of appointment of a Cordilleran accused of compromising the interests of IPs and ICCs.

8. Those behind the approval of the series of trade fair proposals held at Burnham complex thought people are not aware there is monetary consideration in this activity.

9. Many parents and housewives in a capital town wonder why illegal gambling joints operate with impunity despite complaints that have reached the law enforcement office.

10. It will be just a matter of time before ranking PNP officers will be affected by a major revamp in key posts in the provincial and regional commands, including the Cordillera.

11. The series of war game exercises does not only aim to train our Filipino soldiers from protecting not only the country’s interests but more importantly the U.S. against China.

12. This agency is being flooded by complaints and inquiries on why team sports were not included in the recent regional meet where future Olympians from Cordillera saw action.