September 28, 2023
  1. Some quarters were hurt upon learning that there were already talks of a legislative caretaker for this province even before the well-loved politician was buried.
  2. Except for some politicians, there is no change of heart among groups and individuals on their stand that the conduct of a special election is still the best option for Benguet.
  3. Many of the perceived allies of Malacañang are hopeful that the President would not include them in his latest directive for his Cabinet people not to visit the United States.
  4. There is no need to do math even if information has it that something is brewing after the conduct of crowd-drawing activities that saw the active support of some officials.
  5. Many quarters believe it is not a form of discrimination if the Philippines will cancel all PHL-China flights temporarily if only to protect national public health and safety.
  6. By now, concerned offices must already have a protocol on handling individuals who manifest symptoms of the coronavirus while with the crowd during peak seasons.
  7. A ranking government executive was right in releasing an advisory warning the public from solicitation dropping his name because tokens come and go without solicitations.
  8. The newest kid in town does not own one of the log cabins worth more than P60 million even if one of his recent official functions was held in a posh subdivision in a province.
  9. Concerned offices led by DTI are monitoring establishments that might be violating the Price Manipulation Act by hoarding face masks and those selling it at higher prices.
  10. Authorities must not only be on the lookout after Chinese visitors but also tourists from countries with cases of coronavirus infections, such as those who travel just to play golf.
  11. The premier military institution in Asia might as well consider proposals to postpone its annual alumni homecoming this month since it is also a crowd-drawing event.
  12. Many of those who shared on social media an online petition to cancel the Panagbenga Festival only read its headline and did not check if the content was in the right perspective.