September 23, 2023

1. An embattled solon linked to a murder case involving some people has inadvertently gave himself a bigger headache with his failed asylum bid in a Southeast Asian country.

2. This member of a bids and awards committee who projects himself as incorruptible is now the talk of the town for not demanding commission even from contractor-friends.

3. An independent internal audit report involving the expenses of cooperative officials worth millions shows there appears to be abuse of discretion in the disbursement of funds.

4. Some known dignitaries were a no-show in a recent gathering of ethnic people’s group since they have equally urgent prior appointments, not trying to avoid to meet someone.

5. A former local chief executive might consider running for a legislative post in the 2025 elections since he might not be able to match the huge campaign funds of a neophyte bet.

6. The medical community is deeply concerned that older adults are at risk of contracting a fatal Covid-19 variant due to non-wearing of face masks by many people while indoors.

7. Some groups, including the famed women’s brigade, are appealing to a political leader to intervene on their behalf in their long-time campaign against illegal gambling joints.

8. The office of a political leader took the initiative to congratulate a pageant candidate, whose camp has no time to duly acknowledge those who have supported the candidate.

9. Every PNP chief has their own focus agenda, which are not all achievable during their term, as the longest period one could serve in the past years is just more than one year.

10. The ongoing revamp in the leadership in the Lower House and the resignation of the Vice President from Lakas-CMD is just a prelude to a future intense political debacle.

11. A batching plant that many thought is no longer present at the Athletic Bowl, as earlier denied by some officials, remains at the vicinity of CBD, concealed by giant tarpaulins.

12.  The audit report on this local government unit is being awaited and it could make or break the future plans of highly-regarded politicians and their “incorruptible” allies.