July 21, 2024
  1. A politician is having problems on how to accommodate or give jobs to those who ran under his slate but failed in their reelection bid in the recent May 9 polls.
  2. Some of those who lost in the recent elections were forewarned they were lagging in local pre-election surveys but the candidates simply chose to ignore them.
  3. Several individuals and groups are not happy with the monumental road opening project leading to neglected sitios in Benguet for reasons known only to them.
  4. The provincial government will most likely support the move to return to DOH the management of BeGH to further improve the services rendered by the health facility.
  5. One of the original BBM supporters up north since the 2016 elections would not harbor ill-feelings to people who would be given government posts ahead of him.
  6. Those behind the newsletter founded during the campaign period would make sure sustainability in publication and serve as a watchdog against corruptible politicians.
  7. There was massive vote buying in one town in Mountain Province as one candidate distributed P10,000 to every voter, which is double the amount given by his rival.
  8. This candidate in a Cordillera province is praying hard his winning rival will soon be deposed for the next in rank to take over the post held before by their patriarch.
  9. Name recall alone is no guarantee for one to win an elective position reason why the electoral protest recently filed by a losing candidate could be an exercise in futility.
  10. The much-hyped tree cutting moratorium in Baguio was bound to fail right from the start because of legal infirmities arising from the city’s townsite classification.
  11. The proposed BLISTT Metropolitan Development Authority will succeed if officials will put their acts together and avoid treating others as mere spectators or audience.
  12. A group previously active in the business circle has perfected the formula in politics that’s why they are building their dynasty with two siblings reigning in Congress.