July 15, 2024
  1. There’s a delay in excavation activities for a multi-million project since the favored sub-contractor has no equipment, as the backhoe at the project site is a borrowed one.
  2. Indigenous peoples and indigenous cultural communities in the provinces are happy this party-list group nominee with questionable dealings might not go to Congress.
  3. The highly-contested mayoralty race in Benguet was not greatly influenced by well-moneyed groups of contractors who failed to corner several multi-million projects.
  4. A politician’s claim his administration has zero tolerance to corruption is becoming a laughingstock among his peers who know him well even before he entered politics.
  5. Operators and drivers of taxi units are hopeful they will get a bonus from the camp of a winning national candidate, whose campaign stickers were pasted in their units.
  6. Many supporters of the presumptive president, who do not know any better, continue to unleash unsavory remarks against VP Leni and her family even on personal matters.
  7. A highland politician, who won in 2019 due to sympathy votes, has been reelected in a highly-contested race after his people witnessed he is an exemplary public servant.
  8. Some candidates won in the May 9 polls sans credentials in public service since their family names are familiar to the voters, especially the old population.
  9. Contrary to the image he wants to project, this rising political leader just started bullying government workers, who supported his rivals in the recent polls.
  10. In keeping with tradition, supporters of rival politicians were also welcomed to partake during the thanksgiving of these winning provincial leaders who posted landslide wins.
  11. Political bickering among its top brasses might have caused the meteoric downfall of a party-list group that earned seats in the past elections despite the black propaganda.
  12. The owner of a gasoline station in Baguio is not aware its workers distribute forms filled up by motorists with their sensitive information for a promo without a permit from DTI.