July 21, 2024
  1. This ranking officer, who was commended for a botched operation, does not need to travel to the province weekly to supervise the peace and order if he knows how to delegate tasks.
  2. Disagreements among supposed provincial and regional coordinators of a presidential bet cannot gather a crowd of 3,000 that’s why the latter was a no-show at the recent grand rally.
  3. These long-time political leaders are not harboring ill-feelings towards a religious group that has endorsed them in the past, but opted to support other candidates this May polls.
  4. The results of the May 9 elections will also determine if the previous surveys conducted by Pulse Asia and other public opinion polling firms are more credible than Google trends.
  5. Residents of Baguio City and Benguet are proceeding to the lowlands for renewal of their driver’s license, as it take months before licenses are processed by LTO offices up north.
  6. Two senatorial candidates have realized their dancing antics have not convinced Filipino voters to support them, as they are lagging in the surveys including the fake ones.
  7. The lone senatorial candidate from the highland is not giving up his political ambition even if he knows his provincemates will not support him unlike the other IPs in the country.
  8. This government’s office program on how to protect the trees in a reservation is laudable but the collection of P5,000 to adopt a tree is being perceived as a money-making scheme.
  9. Politicians and their supporters must learn to accept the choices of this religious group in its bloc voting every election period, as some of those who were not endorsed won anyway.
  10. This City Hall office should widen its horizon and not to solely focus on the aesthetic side of any project proposal without taking into consideration the project’s long-term impacts.
  11. A mayoralty candidate is thankful to have adopted some members of a political party, as one of the candidates for councilor now acts as the “attack dog” against the rival politicians.
  12. Claims that a public consultation was held over the planned rehabilitation of Session Road seems doubtful since the proposed sidewalk roofing would have been outrightly rejected.