July 18, 2024

1. Officials in this LGU are deliberately not being invited in events where the mayor, the vice mayor, and several councilors are gracing the occasion.

2. A hardworking regional executive with immense contribution during the fight against the Covid-19 hopes the successor would deliver a great public service.

3. This ranking politician known for having billions in savings from hardwork is also engaged in gold trading to avoid being investigated by the AMLC.

4. YouTube made the right decision to toughen its policy on videos of guns and the youth to deter violence, hoping other socmed platforms would follow suit.

5. It’s not a waste of taxpayers’ fund for CAAP to expand the passenger terminal of Loakan Airport to accommodate up to 141 passengers sans airline services.

6. Suspended Bamban Mayor Alice Guo is becoming an inspiration to the youth for owning prime  properties despite being a farmgirl and not a Chinese spy.

7. This self-styled politician has stopped floating information he is being considered for a Cabinet post like what he did in the past but was never appointed.

8. The anti-vape campaign of these universities has not been sustained since many of their students as young as 18 years old are observed vaping near the schools.

9. It will be a walk in park in the upcoming May 2025 elections for this incumbent provincial executive if none from the ranks of board members will challenge him.

10. It took years for a short span of road repair to be completed when it could have been completed in months’ time without too much publication in the social media.