July 18, 2024

1. The proposed P250 congestion fee is causing a public uproar online, as this will not solve the gridlock being experienced within the CBD on peak days.

2. A regional executive with vast experience in public health system openly accepted a new challenge to ensure that excellent public service is rendered.

3. One of those known for his loyalty to a political group with a good cause has shifted alliance to a political group whose boss is embroiled in controversies.

4. Some road improvement projects that took so long to be completed are now being subjected anew to renovation and it is not a waste of taxpayers’ fund.

5. This Malacañang observer could only shake his head every time he witnesses individual appointees for ranking positions despite lacking basic credentials.

6. The camp of an aspiring politician is confident its candidate will win in the 2025 elections by ensuring that achievers from the province are on its side.

7. This true-blue Baguio trader is ready to support political leaders whom she feels will advance the welfare of the people, not simply enriching themselves.

8. A political kingmaker in Central Luzon is not one of the benefactors of this public servant, who is behind the series of outreach missions before the elections.

9. There is a noticeable growing number of individual betting for STL as draws are more credible than the lottery system whose past winners are questionable.

10. Baguio residents will surely be up in arms if the city will allow a private firm to collect congestion fee, which is a violation of the Local Government Code.