July 23, 2024

1. A local personality is not rumored to be a discreet regular visitor in a posh condominium where some hardworking, career women stay.

2. The primary objective of the private company that proposed the P250 congestion fee in line with a more sophisticated program is revenue.

3. By some indications, many Filipinos truly believe that many individuals who died in the war on drugs in the past were extrajudicial killing victims.

4. The former president and his former general are deeply worried the ICC will carry out its investigation on the bloody war on drugs anytime soon.

5. This personnel of an office in-charge of the welfare of the IPs and ICCs has been notified and must be probed for making advances on an intern.

6. A former human rights advocate-turned cheer leader of the former President could not control his emotion that’s why he speaks faster than his brain.

7.  The proposed design for the modernization of the city public market now spreading in social media is a disappointment even to architecture students.

8.  Third party investors and shareholders at the John Hay special economic zone are repeatedly assured by a group they are safe from a Supreme Court order.

9.  This early, many groups are volunteering their members to become volunteers if this lowly political leader pursues his plan to seek a higher elective position.

10. The road opening projects in a province might influence the outcome of the upcoming tight contest between two formidable politicians in the 2025 polls.