July 16, 2024

1. It will be a walk in the park for three chief executives in the Cordillera in the 2025 midterm elections if no charges are filed against them.

2. A government office keeps on releasing supposed studies that are only good for academic discussions but are not practical to be implemented.

3. Those against the proposed modernization of the city public market are also planning a master development plan that is acceptable to the public.

4. The camp of a political family in the Cordillera is proposing for power sharing with a former governor who has strong ties with Malacañang.

5. Many voters in this LGU do not care if a former ranking political leader is rearing to make a comeback after suffering from backlash in the past.

6. The head of an office of an LGU has been directed to slow down in his rakets as these could be used in filing charges against him and his boss.

7. The camp of the Vice President knows there are people close to the most powerful lady in town who are interested for the DepEd post even last year.

8. One of the siblings of the most powerful man in town does not mind not endorsing people to government posts since she will have her time soon.

9. The crimes possibly committed by a former ranking politician and allies are slowly being exposed courtesy of the ongoing probe against a Chinese spy.

10. Sen. Risa Hontiveros and her colleagues must be credited for ensuring that our democracy is protected by exposing a suspected Chinese asset.