July 16, 2024

1. A Baguio official was right when he reminded concerned offices that it is not the aim of the city to earn revenue from the Coding Ordinance.

2. A family member of a long-time political leader is considering to seek a higher elective post after the incumbent claimed he will retain his post.

3. There’s a growing suspicion that residents in this small town now believe one of their officials owns a grocery store highly patronized by the public.

4. The new DepEd secretary will not request for huge confidential funds in the 2025 national budget since it is not needed by the agency from the start.

5. One of the self-proclaimed social media influencers is becoming the joke of his peers for posting articles he supposedly wrote with the aid of ChatGPT.

6. A politician was able to put up a number of businesses in almost 10 years, raising questions on where the public funds he sourced out was used.

7. Three, not two self-styled communicators, are not recruiting their colleagues to orchestrate a stunt in October purposely to malign this mayor’s reputation.

8. Gallons of paints were wasted when an honorable stopped a roof painting project due to personal preference that another company handles the project.

9. There’s no obstruction of justice when some religious personalities allowed a fugitive to seek refuge in their midst and watch the authorities do their job.

10. People of Baguio are so used to seeing this ex-Corrections official who freely roams around the CBD while the police does not know his whereabouts.