October 2, 2023
  1. Baguio residents must remain vigilant in safeguarding their welfare and interest over the disputed ratified version of the charter of Baguio forwarded to the Office of the President.
  2. A newly appointed government official maintained civility when a politico who berated him in his royal chamber, reached out to him for reconciliation and unannounced photo op.
  3. Some of the mayors in a province have not embezzled the funds downloaded to them for purchase of pigs to be butchered during campaign sorties in Igorot-dominated villages.
  4. A mayoralty candidate has class A information about the campaign strategies of rivals for fielding ‘secret agents’ in at least two headquarters of nationally-backed politicians.
  5. Voters are openly criticizing this congressional bet who have false sense of entitlement and for assuring the public there’s no mandatory vaccination if he wins in the May elections.
  6. The campaign period has become a venue for politicians to expose the supposed misdeeds of incumbent officials ranging from sub-standard projects, exorbitant taxes, and nepotism.
  7. Filipinos should stay vigilant on the reported pre-shaded ballots erroneously handed over to overseas workers on the first day of the 30-day overseas absentee voting in two nations.
  8. Appealing to tourists to use mass public transport in going to tourist destinations in the city is next to impossible, as residents themselves could hardly flag public vehicles.
  9. A mayoralty bet has opted to conduct house-to-house campaign, which was his strategy when he won in the 2016 elections after he was recently abandoned by some of his allies.
  10. Candidates not good in public speaking are doing the Harry Roque thing, which is dancing to gain attention than discussing their platforms of governance and advocacies.
  11. Just like a candidate in Benguet, this comebacking politician in Baguio is also publishing that he is a frontrunner like BBM and Sara in a survey done for trolls and fake accounts.
  12. Two officials are on the defensive mode and have been answering allegations which they claim were taken out of context by political rivals, who are simply telling the truth.