December 2, 2023
  1. The political survey conducted on social media like Facebook is only for fun, as even trolls with multiple accounts can click the icons favoring their chosen candidates.
  2. Establishments at the back of Ina Mansion along Kisad have made the newly expanded road and the bike lane as parking spaces for their clients at the expense of the public.
  3. Youthful loyal servants of this controversial religious figure continue to make the rounds in the urban areas to sell products to fund the growth of the church.
  4. Members of a committee with taskings on the multi-million infra projects are not acting on documents, as affected contractors complained of rigged bidding.
  5. Countless eligible individuals who refused to be vaccinated by the China-made vaccine in the past discretely availed of it only after contracting the deadly virus.
  6. The administrators of the social media accounts of a senator stopped reposting would-be viral posts after they noticed dismal public engagement in their posts.
  7. Many Filipino voters have already matured that is why they can now discern who among the political aspirants has the purest intention to serve the public.
  8. Up to now, people fail to understand why this Filipino became a recipient of a prestigious award despite knowing no one deserves the recognition other than her.
  9. Children and other risk sectors must also be provided with vaccines against flu and pneumonia as an added protection against the continuing pandemic threats.
  10. Those who voluntarily contributed during the pass-the-hat are hoping the money collected would be kept and used for the rehabilitation of a controversial bust.
  11. Police escorts of ranking politicians and uniformed officers continue to defy the repeated directives from the city mayor on indiscriminate use of siren blinkers.
  12. Depositors of this prominent bank are hopeful the cyber-attack on its system will be resolved the soonest as others are considering to transfer their accounts.