December 10, 2022
  1. The supposed poor response during Typhoon Yolanda has been used to attack Liberal candidates during two elections but the problem remains up to this time.
  2. Brisk sales of these business partners who supply anti-Covid products is taking a slow turnout with stores and LGUs no longer requiring negative test results.
  3. Traffic woes and exorbitant parking fees nearby could have triggered concerned citizens to report to City Hall this tourist spot for lack of business permit.
  4. Filipinos would still prefer visiting beaches abroad when renowned travel media entities have identified the Philippines as home to some top beaches in the world.
  5. Many individuals who want to get a second booster shot are told to wait for their turn even as thousands under the priority A1 to A3 still refuse to be vaccinated.
  6. This embattled and suspended ranking government official will most likely get internal support from past and incumbent officials in his quest to clear his name.
  7. This regional police command has not received an internal memo to heighten its surveillance as this personality charged for murder could seek refuge in CAR.
  8. Efficiency in collection of fees is where this government office excels in but has done nothing significant to protect Mt. Pulag from the expansion of veggie farms.
  9. Countless netizens are becoming victims of online scams and fake products due to their lack of knowledge on how to detect and report bogus links and websites.
  10. The reading culture among learners in all levels continues to suffer with technology explosion as they use the Internet not to obtain knowledge but for socialization.
  11. An e-commerce operator now realizes there is truth to threat of consumer backlash after it hired a controversial celebrity as its endorser due to growing empty carts.
  12. World-class Filipino athletes are hopeful sponsors and benefactors will also help them in their training in the future after donating millions to the basketball squad.

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