February 9, 2023
  1. Up to now, the actual number of tourists who flocked Baguio during the holidays remains unavailable and might have surpassed the 5,000 maximum tourists daily.
  2. The public wonders why the city government opted to suspend the Sunday market at Session Road but allows the night market where stalls are closer to each other.
  3. The surge of Covid-19 cases can also be attributed to people with symptoms but avoid getting tested while countless close contacts refuse to isolate due to work.
  4. Many of those who do not believe in the efficacy of the anti-Covid vaccines think that the different variants are simple forms of flu that are treatable even at home.
  5. The camps of two politicians accuse each other of credit-grabbing even if observers know who initiated several projects and who is involved in the rigging of bids.
  6. A political leader known for his generosity feels the attacks against him by his supposed rival are personal as seen through a memo calling for officials to suspend all gatherings.
  7. Those raking in money out of the pandemic are worried every time a country scraps the Covid-19 testing as a travel requirement when entering the airport.
  8. The rising Covid-19 cases among vaccinated persons has given those who don’t believe in the pandemic more reasons to keep their resolve to be unvaccinated.
  9. The recent order restricting movements of unvaccinated minors in the locality could convince some parents to consider having their children vaccinated.
  10. Pundits claim that asserting the country’s claim over the West Philippine Sea is a great display of patriotism than mandating military training for the youth.
  11. Some of those who bought log cabins worth more than P50 million in a posh subdivision are considering moves to sell them as the place is socially-isolated.
  12. Many PUV drivers use their passengers as reason why the seating capacity is not strictly followed especially during rush hours when the fault is with them.

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