July 25, 2024
  1. This official and his deputies only had to cower in humiliation when a ranking DOST official gave his honest assessment about how a command center works.
  2. Even when caught red-handed, this LGU official still has the gall to threaten a journalist for reporting the illegal operation of a mobile batching plant in an LGU.
  3. For the nth time, this LGU is not a “Seal of Good Governance” awardee due to some reasons, ranging from disallowances to not observing governance policies.
  4. Millions of Filipinos don’t have a clear idea on the mandates of CHR reason they keep blaming the agency for not investigating abuses or crimes done by civilians.
  5. This government worker has tendered his resignation days after a tracking team exposed his numerous rackets involving the designs of government projects.
  6. Some establishments opt to regulate the entry of foreigners, not to discriminate them, but due to instances they were involved in undisclosed untoward incidents.
  7. Constituents in this province should be thankful this ranking official still finds time attending to events while busy crafting quality laws and sourcing out funds.
  8. DepEd must also have a policy on teaching personnel who upload their videos dancing in popular social media platforms purposely to gain likes and comments.
  9. Countless raffles for-a-cause have sprouted in social media platforms, some of which are scams, while organizers do not get permits from the concerned offices.
  10. Millions of Filipinos are now starting to realize the campaign promise to lower prices of basic and prime commodities, especially rice, will never become a reality.
  11. Money can actually buy happiness, as a new study by a consumer website states Filipino workers should earn at least P1.3 million annually to remain happy.
  12. The security of the suspended Bureau of Corrections chief was not compromised when someone said he is just around Baguio City but the DOJ thinks otherwise.