May 28, 2023
  1. A Cordilleran politician, who is running for a national elective position, exerts more efforts in the southern part of the country even if he lacks support up north.
  2. Malls will not regulate entry of kids below 12 years old despite the warning of a possible Covid-19 exposure as long as they are with their parents or guardians.
  3. Once a formidable candidate, this politician might consider withdrawing his candidacy to give a fellow candidate a higher chance of winning.
  4. The camp of a well-known politician is hopeful that a former chief executive will not actively campaign for someone after withdrawing from the 2022 polls.
  5. Healthcare frontliners are also hopeful to receive yearend incentives from the government upon the recommendation of the IATF for their Covid response.
  6. Recipients of an event for-a-cause that solicited huge amount from various sponsors have yet to receive a single centavo from the ‘organizers in uniform’.
  7. Trolls, who do not know any better, are quick to claim those who held a rally in front of a busted bust are paid Manila residents when they are Cordillerans.
  8. The public will soon be surprised this candidate who attends almost all wakes in a province and nearby Baguio could make an upset in the provincial board.
  9. Some mayors simply scratch their heads in disbelief when one of their league members said his colleagues don’t favor the proposed cut in NTF-Elcac fund.
  10. This senatorial candidate is not bothered if many of his critics are from his own province which he served well and his only sin is being with the “yellow” party.
  11. Establishments can lure clients to patronize their services by putting signages that their employees are all fully vaccinated as protection against the Covid-19.
  12. Some religious groups that do not believe in the vaccination rollout prevent their members from availing anti-Covid vaccines, especially in the remote areas.

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