May 30, 2023
  1. Officers from this government camp apparently love to hold parties during this pandemic while neighbors complain of loud country music band from the camp.
  2. A regional executive is unaware that the public wonders why her office is spending on projects and programs that do not benefit the people impacted by Covid-19.
  3. A controversial former general opted to run for president purposely to sabotage the candidacy of another presidential bet who dictates on multi-billion contracts.
  4. This government executive is sending a caretaker to check a prime lot inside a posh subdivision that has adverse claims from indigenous peoples of Benguet.
  5. This self-proclaimed healthcare worker has already received the booster shot even before the government released the guidelines for priority group 1.
  6. Many parents and guardians are hesitant to send learners to school even if the IATF has allowed limited face-to-face classes in selected areas in the country.
  7. There is double standard when this non-believer of the Covid-19 pandemic is aggressively promoting Ivermectin intake as best alternative to the vaccines.
  8. A ranking Cordillera politician opted to be substituted to give more time for himself to recover after he survived a life-threatening infection the past months.
  9. Those manning the border checkpoints and triage centers round-the-clock are vigilant against tourists, who present bogus vaccination cards to enter Baguio.
  10. The integrity and credibility of these election officers are in question following admission by some they received ‘goodwill money’ from this famous politician.
  11. Charges will be filed if this regional office will not do something about the admission by some poll officers they received goodwill money from this famous politician.
  12. Several camps are now claiming to be the rightful city, provincial, and regional coordinator of a presidential bet from the north, who is being assured of victory.

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