May 28, 2023
  1. This presidential bet who also traces his roots to the south will most likely have better chances of winning, courtesy of the trolls who spread fake news.
  2. This regional executive who was supposed to advance the rights and welfare of individuals from the highlands is not protecting local real estate interests.
  3. Many politicians who pledged alliance to some presidential bets now want to join the bandwagon of supporters for this powerful lady from the south.
  4. Many political quarters were not surprised when Sara Duterte withdrew her CoC for mayor as she is expected to run for the highest post in the land.
  5. Personnel of this drugstore along Session Road think they are immune from Covid-19 that is why only the clients are required to use face shield.
  6. It is already 2021 but programs, which can be done in less than an hour, are prolonged by repeated acknowledgment of VIPs and guests by every speaker.
  7. Two presidential candidates, who appear as critics of the Dutete government, are being rumored as pawns to divide the votes of another candidate in NCR.
  8. A long-time politician is being rumored to have been offered a huge amount for his campaign by a benefactor who was charged for environmental crime.
  9. This wealthy businesswoman is not attending the calls of this comebacking politician for obvious reason that the latter is soliciting for his campaign trail.
  10. Many employees of this LGU are likely not to vote for this chief executive who has promised to bring reforms and to establish participatory governance.
  11. A political camp is not bothered by the petitions filed against a well-known politico, who is most likely to win against the “united” opposition candidates.
  12. This restaurant within a posh property frequented by politicians thinks it is exempted from the limited dine-in capacity for accommodating all customers.

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