September 30, 2023
  1. A concerned official has admitted to her superior that some election personnel received “cash tokens” from a businessman/politician who called for a meeting.
  2. Many of those who remain skeptical on the efficacy of anti-Covid vaccines are now getting worried that’s why they avail of anti-flu and pneumonia jabs.
  3. There is no double standard for this upright election officer when she quickly denied the request of her friend to check on COCs without a valid request.
  4. This senatorial bet, who recently resigned from government service, claims he is leading in a survey not yet made public by an unknown polling body.
  5. POSD men tasked to issue citation tickets for traffic obstruction might have forgotten that Gen. Lim and M. H. Del Pilar Streets are full of obstructions.
  6. The city must inspect on why this e-bingo center frequented by seniors has not been observing health protocols inside its premises as complained.
  7. Countless politicians remain mum on the Beneco leadership crisis even as some quarters want them to speak and take a stand on this public issue.
  8. Beneco clients are hopeful that payments made on Oct. 19 be honored while the withdrawals of millions of funds recently will be explained to the members.
  9. This former DOH official got the public’s support for cautioning the inoculation of children in selected hospitals, which exposes them to harmful pathogens.
  10. Filipinos tend to believe political surveys done on Facebook via reaction buttons when anyone can buy 100 reactions online for $3 for their candidates.
  11. An enterprising group might soon consider lowering the rental fee of tents to help ailing MSMEs cope with the economic impacts of the pandemic.
  12. The establishment of an incident command center during search and retrieval operations was not complied with but the missing were found in record time.