June 3, 2023
  1. Some Covid-19 patients who are under home isolation drive themselves to the hospitals for some medical purposes, such as having X-ray exam.
  2. A political leader was quick to intervene when lawyers who engaged in a heated argument started to address people from their places of origin.
  3. The controversial Dolomite beach is a stress reliever this pandemic that’s why the government keeps on spending billions for the unworthy project.
  4. There is no local coalition yet in this province, as all the five aspirants for Congress have not agreed to take the lead for the opposition bloc.
  5. Organizers of this supposed united coalition know their group is infiltrated by individuals who relay information about plans for the upcoming polls.
  6. It is just right for the member-consumers of an electric coop to call for a an election of their directors, who are all serving beyond their term limit.
  7. The killing of a female physician, who earlier sought an elective post, only shows the culture of political killings remain unabated in Abra.
  8. The chances of winning of this well-loved politician can be jeopardized if he cannot explain in public why he must be spared from a local public issue.
  9. The Aug. 21 meeting of the lawyer of a politician and more than 20 people saw the distribution of ‘election guidelines’, including countless crisp bills.
  10. The ongoing impasse on the leadership of Beneco greatly confused many member-consumers, which will soon affect the delivery of quality services.
  11. A political camp with leaders from a powerful bloc from the south is not bothered even if a group of luminaries has endorsed VP Leni for President.
  12. The contractor of the controversial tactile paving handily implements the same project in a nearby town due to slighter criticisms from the public.

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