June 2, 2023
  1. More than 20 people who can influence the results of the 2022 elections received P20,000 each as appearance fee for meeting a politico in a hotel.
  2. Community isolation facilities could be full by now if some of those who caught the Covid-19 infection are not hiding from contact tracing teams.
  3. Some quarters and individuals consider as fair publicity any report that is favorable only to the camp of one of those involved in a leadership crisis.
  4. Those who received the first dose of Sputnik V are losing hope of getting the second component earlier than the 180-day maximum interval period.
  5. The public can help the city by reporting business establishments that do not comply with the 30 percent capacity in their indoor dine-in services.
  6. Some of the plans presented by an office of this LGU, which require huge funding, including securing loans, is impossible during this pandemic.
  7. This Malacañang official is not harboring ill-feelings towards a reputable institution for not endorsing his name to a global council of law experts.
  8. This office executive, who has advised this LGU to do away with mass testing to maintain low Covid-19 cases, has been promoted to a new post.
  9. The total liquor ban is still helpful in mitigating the surging Covid-19 cases in Baguio even if those who can’t tolerate it find their way to the valley.
  10. Many healthcare frontliners are hopeful the coverage of the special risk allowance will be expanded to include those who are not treating patients.
  11. This ranking poll officer wants to be assigned in a particular province so she could closely monitor the alleged impending pay-outs for the voters.
  12. People wonder why some of the high-value targets in the war on drugs are being arrested several times, which means they don’t stay long in jail.

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