June 9, 2023
  1. The PSC must also initiate financial literacy training for winning Olympians to ensure they will not end empty-handed after becoming instant millionaires.
  2. An incumbent councilor in this LGU who has done nothing to support his constituents during the pandemic has opted not to seek reelection next year.
  3. Those who called on the public not to politicize the Tokyo Olympics are now claiming the benefits for the athletes was lobbied by a good senator.
  4. The Duterte government came to its senses when it realized that the U.S. remains a trusted ally than the country that claims the West Philippine Sea.
  5. It’s high time the government extends cash incentive to non-winning Filipino Olympian, as they also trained hard like the winning Olympians.
  6. Countless netizens became instant sports analysts with their long posts on the results of the Tokyo Olympics even if their friends do not read them.
  7. The doting mom of an incumbent official is planning to run for an elective post in the 2022 polls to take advantage of name recall sans good deeds.
  8. Concerned offices should investigate who must be held liable for the debris and flashflood that blocked the steep portion of Marcos Highway.
  9. The public easily gets an idea that individuals have plans for the upcoming 2022 elections if they suddeny become visible in wakes and gatecrash weddings.
  10. Concerned health authorities and offices must also step up their campaign on dengue, as cases are on rise with patients requiring blood transfusion.
  11. Some politicians and supporters continue to appear in the payout of cash assistance this pandemic even if the DILG warned of the anti-epal policy.
  12. The campaign for autonomous Cordillera region will be sustained in the next administration after the President said nothing about it in his SONA.

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