December 6, 2023
  1. Two incumbent officials are most likely to win reelection if the opposition will not put their acts together to form a party coalition to give a good fight.
  2. The admission by a ranking official that he got booster shots gave credence to public speculation that other politicos got their first jabs as early last year.
  3. All infra projects, especially highways and bridges, are funded by taxpayers’ money or foreign loans but a politician is getting the credit in his huge tarps.
  4. Concerned LGUs, including Baguio City, must heed the advice of DOH that RT-PCR remains the gold standard in ensuring that tourists are Covid-free.
  5. Countless Filipinos can only scratch their heads in disbelief after a recent survey showed that a political tandem is reportedly favored by 2,400 respondents.
  6. The President was correct all along when he claimed he was just repeating China’s claim that the West Philippine Sea arbitral ruling is a mere waste paper.
  7. A pseudo human rights advocate turned steadfast defender of a politician will suffer political backlash in the future especially from his former allies.
  8. Members of the local chapters of PDP-Laban have met recently to plan their possible moves should the powerful bloc expel the current party president.
  9. Some quarters are not discounting the possibility that a once dominant party will field an unsuspecting personality as its bet for president in the 2022 polls.
  10. Countless residents no longer care about the quarantine status of their LGUs as long as they are allowed to work in the new normal so they can feed their families.
  11. Some buyers of lots within the Dairy Farm reservation are moneyed people who are capable of deploying private guards, who can intimidate DA personnel.
  12. The PNP will not tolerate any member of a paramilitary group employed as guards of lots with adverse claims to reign over the Dairy Farm reservation.