July 23, 2024
  1. This Cabinet secretary made the right decision to resign from her post, as she is not used to issuing statements against her conscience and good upbringing.
  2. The latest directive to the troll farms is to appeal to the public not to boycott the national lotto system since it generates funds for the sick and calamity victims.
  3. Many lotto outlet operators were not caught by surprise when PCSO lotto said at least 10 from Benguet were among the 433 lucky winners in the 6/55 draw.
  4. The President and his son are also stressed with work as public servants that’s why they deserve an out-of-country travel to relax while watching F1 race.
  5. Filipinos are just hopeful the Marcos government will do better in the next 100 days amid the weakening value of peso, increasing fuel prices, and corruption.
  6. The best way to drum up business is through good governance and frugality, not through costly pleasure endeavor with family at the expense of taxpayers.
  7. Filipinos are hopeful the government is on the right track towards economic recovery and those in the halls of power will lead this nation to a golden era.
  8. The operation of a batching plant within the CBD aside from violating an existing ordinance, also poses serious threats to the health of athletes and public.
  9. Mobile users continue to receive text scams despite the continued advisory from the NTC for the public to beware of SMS offering jobs or cash rewards.
  10. City residents are grateful to have elected some officials who do their research and intelligently question proposals that entail funding from taxpayers’ money.
  11. The noticeable increase in number of arrested drug suspects could mean those in the drug trade have earned confidence they will not be killed when caught.
  12. The killing of a hard-hitting journalist in Metro Manila may happen to anyone, including citizen journalists who are critical against the government and officials.