December 7, 2023
  1. Many Filipinos are grateful that a senator took the courage to speak his mind on the alleged web of corruption in the government despite political threats.
  2. Some of those who went to the vaccination sites were disappointed the U.S. brand vaccine is out of stock and opted not to be vaccinated with other brands.
  3. There’s no truth to information that those who are engaged in word war ahead of the 2022 elections are partners and drinking buddies behind closed doors.
  4. The recent killing of a prominent lawyer appeared to have political color, as the victim was being groomed for a higher elective position in the 2022 polls.
  5. One of the prominent leaders in the Cordillera is pre-occupied that’s why he is not noticeable in social media and he did not contract Covid-19 as rumored.
  6. The political and legal advisers of this Palace official thought they have the monopoly of wisdom, as critics are quick to be admonished by these advisers.
  7. Taxpayers wonder why this LTO official is asking for P2.5B to produce 18 million plates for motorcycles when the riders/owners already paid for it.
  8. Some lot owners in Tuba, Benguet and Pugo, La Union are being deceived by unlicensed real estate agents to dispose their lots for cheaper zonal value.
  9. The clustering of cases in one sector in the locality was due to the condition of their quarters, not because those who contracted the virus had drinking sprees.
  10. The plantita/plantito fever has waned, as people realized that ordinary plants could also produce oxygen while they can save money during this pandemic.
  11. A self-styled DDS who claims to have a legion of followers was able to get out from jail before the President’s last SONA after posting bail for libel.
  12. Some netizens are quick to censure the painting of a crosswalk with rainbow colors since it is against road standards while ignoring the message behind it.