November 30, 2023
  1. Vaccines with higher efficacy rates are allotted in chosen areas, not primarily in the bailiwicks of those in the halls of power but in areas they are needed most.
  2. Voters in this province are being conditioned to ignore the allegations of corruption hurled against a politician, who claims his actions is for the good of his constituents.
  3. Mayors and governors were included in the priority list of vaccinees because of the nature of their job, not because the first-class vaccines started to arrive.
  4. The chief executive of this LGU is about to be informed that a government worker is using working hours for official travel but purposely to perform personal matters.
  5. The increase in Covid-19 cases in this province can be attributed to the citizens’ insistence for their officials to ease travel and border restrictions since last year.
  6. The supposed discreet meeting among members of a local political party was made public when one of them posted on Facebook their photographs during the meeting.
  7. A social media manager admitted he was warned by a social media platform for sharing a mayor’s post rebuking science by promoting ‘suob’ and ignoring quarantine.
  8. An aging politico wants a group of civic leaders to include him in the list of possible nominees who will be endorsed to run against a young leader reigning in a province.
  9. A ranking politician does not mind posting in social media his newly acquired lot or luxury cars since his constituents are afraid to comment in social media against him.
  10. The construction of a statue of a national hero worth P1 million is more important in this capital town than using the fund for livelihood projects during this pandemic.
  11. The morale of youth leaders in this landlocked municipality remains high even if one of their colleagues was recently arrested for alleged involvement in distributing drugs.
  12. The chief executive of this LGU has a hard time selecting among the nominees for the top cop post, as the former wants the successor to be as snappy as the outgoing chief.