July 19, 2024
  1. This NCIP worker is an example of contradictions, as he claims to espouse the rights of IPs but supports a disgraced official who once destroyed a reservation.
  2. The consistent criticisms on projects and programs laid by two City Hall offices are a proof of poor planning, which means they are not the best and the brightest.
  3. Brief flashfloods in some parts of the CBD during a heavy downpour would mean there is a need to check the sewerage system that was previously repaired.
  4. The postponement of the barangay and SK elections has deprived millions of Filipinos the chance to replace non-performing officials during the pandemic.
  5. The series of arrests of some personalities linked to illegal drugs does not mean the war on drugs of the past administration called Oplan Tokhang was selective.
  6. By indications, there is truth to public observation that the war on drugs in the past was only for the poor while those with links to the halls of power were spared.
  7. The snowballing call for this Cabinet member to resign after his son was linked to illegal drugs will fall on deaf ears since the sense of Filipino delicadeza is gone.
  8. Kalinga will soon become the province in the Cordillera with the most number of adopted sons and daughters, who are either ranking officers or Cabinet members.
  9. Filipinos have become too materialistic that becoming the first people to own the much-awaited latest Iphone models is now an accomplishment covered by media.
  10. A Cabinet member, once petitioned by regional directors for incompetence, is threatening his subordinates of possible reassignment away from their families.
  11. In spite of clarification from City Hall, some believe a batching plant is operated at Athletic Bowl, which violates an existing city ordinance prohibiting the same.
  12. Operators of PUVs must also find time to remind their drivers to observe proper hygiene when on duty since the pandemic made people more hygiene-conscious.