December 2, 2023
  1. The long queue of cars wanting to park in a mall and at the old auditorium is causing obstruction to countless motorists and inconveniences to commuters.
  2. This LGU’s annual share in excise tax in cigarettes which accounts to P400 M, could have triggered political interest to cause the downfall of a political clan.
  3. A ranking politician was not the brain behind the wallop of a political family in the municipality, which has one of the biggest shares in excise tax in cigarettes.
  4. By now, the city gov’t must start reviewing the existing traffic routes to mitigate the horrendous traffic that crippled the transport sector during the holidays.
  5. Families of the Mamasapano heroes are not expecting the promised compensation from the proceeds of the “Mamasapano 44” which is now showing in some cinemas.
  6. The statement of the DILG secretary that top cops are involved in illegal drugs could mean some of them were protectors during the Duterte administration.
  7. The recent development in the war on drugs indicates that the bloody campaign in the past administration is not the long-term solution to rid the country of drugs.
  8. The PNP leadership does not need to burn the entire house in order to flush out dozens of rats hiding behind the department’s walls and corners with impunity.
  9. The acquittal from a drug case of the son of a Cabinet member did not surprise Filipinos, but stirred speculations those behind the arrest are reprimanded.
  10. The indiscriminate and discreet disposal of used cooking oil within the CBD is one of the causes of foul odor and could trigger more flashfloods next year.
  11. Many law enforcers, especially the patrolmen and women, are not being forced to contribute personal money to fund worthy projects such as outreach programs.
  12. Businesses in the localities have no qualms on the horrendous traffic since it means recovering from losses after greatly impacted by the pandemic.