December 6, 2023
  1. One of the two officials who made quite a reputation for bringing home potted plants every time she attends social events opted not to accept tokens from the hosts recently.
  2. Many quarters want to know from this LGU if it has plans to make public the records detailing the cash donations it received from various donors during pandemic last year.
  3. Some personnel of an LGU have purchased high-end appliances and other household items courtesy of the GCs donated by a mall to the LGU at the peak of the pandemic.
  4. Many job applicants simply scratch their heads every time some government offices post in social media job openings, which are truly reserved for those with backers.
  5. A lot of barangay chiefs opted not to refute the claims of a losing politician that he was endorsed by a kingmaker, who might consider running in the 2022 polls.
  6. A government website experienced technical glitch after it migrated thousands of files from another domain covering personal details of those who signed up for vaccination.
  7. A well-respected politician, who has retained the culture of peace and respect during his reign in the province, is still not convinced of running for any position in the 2022 polls.
  8. Many travelers wonder why many sections of the highways in this province suddenly have curtains referring to the ‘most expensive’ rock netting slope protection projects.
  9. Filipinos share the view that with or without an election promise, the President must take the lead in asserting the country’s sovereign rights over the West Philippine Sea.
  10. This politician is spending most of his time reaching out to respected leaders in localities to seek for their blessing and support if he seeks a higher elective position.
  11. The appointment of the new PNP chief was warmly welcomed by ranking officials, including many quarters, who claimed that the President did the right thing this time.
  12. Concerned agencies wonder why there are more ASF cases in some areas in Abra that were previously free from the Covid-19 transmission for the longest time last year.