July 24, 2024
  1. This government executive who contracted Covid-19 has declared hundreds of close contacts, as he has been visiting the provinces with several of his staff.
  2. It’s unfair to blame either a ranking law enforcer or his team as the possible index of Covid-19 cases that afflicted some police officers, barangay and municipal execs.
  3. Two individuals who reportedly contracted the Covid-19 virus were seen socializing outside of their residences while supposedly undergoing strict 14-day home quarantine.
  4. A ranking political leader is thankful he tested negative for Covid-19 infection so he could find a valid reason he was not among the close contacts of a positive high roller.
  5. Some contractors simply scratch their heads when the city government posted in social media its better version of riprap project compared to the usual design of the DPWH.
  6. Social media managers of this ranking politician never learned their lessons for quickly posting staged photos of the latter as a simple man, then contradicted by other posts.
  7. Some of those who jumped the vaccination queues in Baguio are registered healthcare professionals but they actually have other jobs and not among the Covid-19 frontliners.
  8. A government office must explain why several uniformed personnel visited Mt. Pulag when it must be off-limits to tourism, except for official business and monitoring.
  9. This politician aspiring for a higher elective post must stop suspecting all individuals and camps to be under the payroll of his known rival to have better chance of winning.
  10. A ranking legislator appears to be interested in running a local government unit soon, reason he always attends events and activities even if his presence is not required.
  11. Not all the employees of this LGU want their chief executive to run for another elective post come 2022 elections, as they actually want him out due to poor leadership skills.
  12. A known establishment does not care if netizens are calling out its non-observance of the IATF protocols by allowing children and elders inside its premises for relaxation.