July 13, 2024

1.    This government executive wants to get more funds from a well-funded program, which is why he wanted other agencies to back a project deemed unconstitutional.

2.    Those engaged in eco-tourism activities in this province will have to wait for a long period before reopening as the provincial LGU has not drafted a tourism plan.

3.    Traffic congestion was noted in major exits of Baguio a day after the BCPO stopped issuing travel authority slips in compliance with the uniform travel policy.

4.    High-stake gambling is one of the causes of Covid-19 transmissions in the Cordillera with some ranking officials and close contacts contracting the virus.

5,    A ‘left-leaning personality’ was unaware he was already subjected to tokhang when he was visited by PNP and AFP teams for a dialogue outside his residence.

6.    Two aspirants for a post at the regional command have sent their emissaries to the office of this politician who previously lobbied for appointments of government execs.

7.    The underground movement is hoping the P16 billion NTF-Elcac funds will be spent wisely for rural development projects, not wasted on the web of corruption.

8.    Some people in this subdivision are worried when news came out this famous regular weekend vacationer, who loves to talk, has contracted the virus.

9.    Members of a political party are planning to sever ties with an incumbent leader who is being linked to several cases of corruption involving taxpayers’ money.

10. There’s no truth to reports this chief executive who does not believe in Covid-19 threats is being taken care of near his office since he does not want to be hospitalized.

11. Two dignitaries swallowed their pride after their suggestion for this LGU to waive the  negative RT-PCR test to tourists was reconsidered for being inimical to public health.

12. Millionaires renting out their spaces at the market are being blamed for shortchanging the city while the market will be developed by a firm that doesn’t pay taxes to the city.