March 24, 2023

Filipinos are not blessed with height, but they are blessed with a big heart.
Basketball is much more than a sport in the Philippines. It’s a way of life. It is popular in the country so there is always a court to be found. Regardless of whether the court isn’t the best, kids and adults will play as long as there’s a ball and a hoop.
Basketball has provided opportunities for teenagers to play at big universities or internationally, which is why it is popular in the Philippines.
Why do you think people enjoy playing basketball so much? They enjoy playing the sport because it is entertaining and relieves boredom. It is also an activity that allows you to stretch while also including cardio.
Basketball is also considered a family sport where they can get together to support their country and team, like in 2013 when the country received overwhelming support and defeated Korea to officially qualify for the 2014 FIBA World Cup in Spain.
Who plays basketball in the Philippines? People will support and play with you even if you are not skilled. Usually, men play this sport, but now women also play basketball.
I think another reason the sport is popular in the country is that they support their own league. Last month, the Philippine Arena was packed and broke a record for the most attended game in the arena when 54,086 people came to watch the thrilling Game 7 of the PBA’s Governor’s Cup.
Now that the Philippines is one of the hosts for the 2023 FIBA World Cup, fans will get to see some well-known players compete in famous leagues like the National Basketball Association here, since the final round will be held here and other teams may compete.
We are all gathered then to support and watch the team represent our country.
Filipinos are getting international recognition for their talents. Kai Sotto, who is currently playing in Australia, is one of our best lucks to have a homegrown player in the NBA. There are also Filipino prospects in Lithuania, Japan, and Korea. We support these young players because they are the future of basketball in this country.
Nobody can deny basketball is a part of Filipino culture. We already embraced and enjoyed the sport, and I doubt it would be entertaining if it was not taught to us.