February 9, 2023

The city council is requesting all utility companies in the city to remove their concrete posts that obstruct the sidewalks. 
The request stemmed from the discussion during the city council’s Aug. 9 session during which John Paredes, president of the Pines City Federation of Persons with Disability, told the councilors some sidewalks are not safe for non-sighted individuals as they are obstructed by utility poles, parked cars, and other objects. 
“Hindi naman talaga ‘yung quality ng sidewalks natin ang may problema. What pose real danger to us, blind people, are the obstructions such as concrete poles and vehicles,” Paredes said.
The city council passed a resolution calling for the removal of the utility poles in the middle of the city sidewalks. 
The resolution stated public utility posts occupying portions of sidewalks are causing inconvenience and may even cause harm not only to visually impaired individuals but also to the public.
The body said it is important to keep all walkways free from obstructions to encourage people to use them for their safety.
The council urged the immediate transfer of utility posts to safer locations. 
Copies of the resolution will be forwarded to the concerned offices and companies for their information and appropriate action. – Jordan G. Habbiling