July 23, 2024

The presentation of Covid-19 vaccination status and certificate is no longer required for international travelers.

In a public advisory, the Department of Health and the Bureau of Quarantine provided updated guidelines for vaccine certificates for inbound and outbound travelers.

“All arriving international travelers are accepted regardless of their vaccination status,” the DOH said.

However, the vaccination requirements depend on the country of destination for departing international travelers.

“It is highly recommended travelers should check on the requirements of the country that he or she is going. For overseas Filipino workers and seafarers, the issuance of the International Certificate of Vaccination for Prophylaxis for Yellow Fever Vaccine and other vaccinations depends on the requirement of the agency or the company,” DOH said.

The state of public health emergency due to Covid-19 was lifted last July 22 after the World Health Organization declared the end to Covid-19 as global health emergency. – PNA