December 1, 2023

In the Philippines, villages are called barangays.
Barangays are considered local government units and are in the same category as provinces, cities, and municipalities, only that it is the smallest among them all.
Barangays are as important as all other LGUs, if not even more, since all development in the country starts from it. Thus, a barangay with a good leader is an asset while the opposite is true. It is for this reason that electing competent barangay officials plays a vital role in national development.
Tomorrow, Oct. 30, barangay election in the Philippines will be held. Several positions are being contested by candidates, the most vital, of course, is the punong barangay (PB). The elected PB will stand as the leader of the community. His functions include, but is not limited to, implementing policies adopted by the barangay for the betterment of its constituents, preserving peace and order, maintaining cleanliness and orderliness and such other executive functions to aid residents have a harmonious and acceptable living conditions.
For several times, the barangay election was postponed by the national government due to lack of funds or improper timing. It is a manifestation that barangay elections are, in this country, taken for granted. The incumbents could not be happier since they can get to keep their positions without going through the rigors of an election. But then, the Supreme Court, in the case of Romulo Makalintal vs. Comelec, intervened and said that any law postponing the barangay election is unconstitutional. In carrying out the mandate of the SC decision, we, as Filipino citizens, are once more urged to go out and vote on Oct. 30.
Needless to say, our vote will determine our future and the future of our children. We can never underestimate the value of the barangay election since our personal attachment to our barangay is even more significant. Our homes are in the barangays.
Do not disregard the qualification of the candidates since their positions is as important as any public position. A mistake in electing the wrong candidate will be fatal to our lives for the next three years. So, vote wisely.
It is ironic that the barangay election is so timed that it coincides with a very long holiday.
From Oct. 29 to Nov. 2 there is no work. Hence, this might hinder the success of the election. Filipinos may opt to spend time with their family and go out on a vacation rather than go out and vote. This is a grim scenario that may affect the turn-out of voters.
At any rate, the wheels of the barangay election are already set in motion. We know the candidates and by now, we should know our choices.
Remember, your choice will make a difference in your life, the life of your children and the life of the millions of Filipinos who inhabit the different barangays. It may sound corny but, before going for your long deserved vacation, go out and vote on Oct. 30.