June 2, 2023

As per announcement from the Department of Education, schools will open in September, most likely on the first or the second Monday of the month.
Let’s hope that, given the seeming Covid-19 surge and the incessant monsoon rains that could go all the way to October or even beyond given climate change, school opening will not be reset to another time.

Too long have the kids been out of school, and unless their parents are teachers themselves or college graduates, a great majority of the “new” out of school youth will lag behind in their studies – acquiring knowledge not in Math or History, but how dirty politics works, and the once Davao kingpin and current prince charming with gangster looks, melts before a dynasty with red tagging.
Not good for the innocent minds of the little ones.

A master stroke. By declaring their candidacies early, the other wannabes will be forced to unite behind them or otherwise expose their personal ambitions.
The only way to win is to rally behind a single opposition candidate for president.
If Leni runs, and so will the Pacman, no way will any of the two win against the administration candidate, namely Sara Duterte.
By jumping the gun, Lacson and Sotto have placed Leni and Trillanes and the Pacman in a bind. It will take a lot of courting, but if the former PNP chief and the former combo player and comedian who has reinvented himself into an astute politician are able to convince Moreno, Marcos, Robredo, and Trillanes to unite for a common cause – to take out the Dutertes – that could spell victory.
But make no mistake. The Dutertes are seasoned politicians.

Promises, promises. It happens all the time whenever a big sporting event like the Southeast Asian and Asian Games and now the Olympics comes around, our sports officials are profuse in their claims that we will emerge champions in regional sportsfests, and this time, win a gold medal in the Tokyo Olympics.
We are equally profuse in our prayers that our boys and girls taking part in the world’s biggest sporting event held every four years, will bring home the bacon – a gold medal, or even two.
Everything, alas, is up in the air, and the intervention of the heavens is what we need.
What is certain, however, is that our sports officials who will attend the Olympics, will be bigger in number than our athletes, many, if not all, bringing families and even mistresses to the event.
We are Filipinos, after all, and that is par for the course. Phew!
What is the taxpayers’ money for?

Oh yes, how many of our legislators will watch the Spence-Pacquiao fight?
I guess only those invited by the Pacman.
Chavit Singson? Are the two still friends? Given Chavit’s lukewarm attitude towards Pacquiao’s presidential dreams, more like a nightmare – for him or us.

The collapse of a high-end condo in Seaside, Florida, reminds us of a similar incident that happened here years ago, when a high-rise residential building called Ruby Towers likewise came tumbling down to the ground, and a fairly large number of residents were found dead after the rubble was cleared.
Although it wasn’t my first time to hear nasty jokes about the Chinese, I was appalled by the mindless reaction of some countrymen to the fatal disaster – i.e. “Akala ko maraming tao ang namatay, Intsik lang pala.”
I thought I have heard the last of it, but President Rody appears to have been cut from the same cloth as his bastos at walang isip kababayan.
We do not joke about deaths and disasters, about women and rape.
I remember an Ateneo boy of good breeding, who when he was Secretary of Foreign Affairs, offered the suggestion that if a rape victim can no longer defend herself, she should just lean back and enjoy it.
Boy, did Raul Manglapus get flak for his remark. What was he thinking?
OK, joke lang. ‘Pag nagkamali ka, joke lang ang lusot.
May gamot ang sira ang ulo, pero wala para sa bobo, lalung-lalong na ng bobo na pinipilit na matalino siya.
Siguro ‘pag nabuhusan ng kape – huwag sa mukha, ulo lang.
Pinaka-epektibo ang Benguet coffee dahil nasa baso, hindi sa tasa.

In my early days as a practicing lawyer trying to make both ends meet, each time I was in the red, the Tanduyog brothers Bonnie and Jerry were always there to bail me out.
When Bonnie passed on to the next world, my Melpether and my Marco, many times recipients of Bonnie’s generosity, as I, deeply mourned his demise.
My two boys didn’t really know Jerry, but he was as kind and generous as his brother Bonnie, if not even more so.
God speed, Jerry, old friend.