December 8, 2023

Hallelujah, the Lord is risen, and now sits at the right hand of the Father.
But whatever became of Judas? Having taken his own life, admission to heaven, as per church tenet, is not possible.
But let’s not forget that what drove Judas to commit suicide was remorse.
2000 A.D., and church historians have stuck to the same story that Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.
But looking at the big picture, there were deeper, more compelling reasons behind his betrayal, and the 30 pieces of silver was nothing but collateral reward.

It was God’s divine plan to have His only begotten Son suffer and die to save mankind from eternal damnation.
But even as Jesus went about spreading His Father’s Word, there were no outright claims that He was the Son of God, and Jesus would just say He was only doing His Father’s bidding.
Besides no one was coming out to accuse Jesus of heresy, and a testimony coming from someone outside of the circle of Jesus would be credible.

But who of the 12 disciples would play that role?
After seeing Him resurrect a friend from the grave, walking on water, changing rocks into fish and loaves of bread, and before then, changing water into wine, all His disciples were fiercely loyal to Him.
Aware that Judas was extremely jealous of Mary Magdalene’s closeness to Him, he did nothing to appease Judas, and when the latter complained that Magdalene was using too much oil rubbing His feet, Jesus further agitated him with an intriguing “Why deny me my little oil.”

Feeling rebuked that his Lord and Master had sided with a reformed whore that Jesus saved from being stoned to death, an angry Judas, losing control of himself, decided to report Him to the Roman authorities.
Thus, Jesus predicted that one of His disciples would betray Him while having a last supper and the first communion rites with His disciples.
The kiss of Judas sealed the fate of Jesus, and the setup was complete, all part of God’s divine plan.

I fear for the Chinese among us. Most Filipinos, particularly the poor, honestly believe that half the nation’s wealth is in the hands of the Chinese.
When the food and money shall have run out, the poor and hungry will surely take up arms – picks, shovels, clubs, stones – and storm and ransack stores, maybe even raid the mansions of the Chinese, whom they are blaming for all the woes that have befallen them.
It will be akin to the French Revolution when the peasants rose in revolt because there was no more bread to eat.

Many of the desperate and hungry, blinded by the anger in their hearts, have the sneaking suspicion that the 100,000 plus undocumented Chinese now moving around the country may have brought the disease along with them.
Friendship ends when hunger begins. Sorry, Chongloy.

Even Duterte critics are surprised that the President has been humbled by what is happening to his countrymen.
Gone is the spite in voice and the arrogance in his manners, seemingly overwhelmed by a near feeling of helplessness.
Like he says, “If I have to sell Roxas Boulevard to feed the poorest of the poor…”
No need to do that sir, just drain the pockets of the rich and powerful.
Even among just your own people alone will suffice.

If you are a doctor mandated by your Hippocratic oath to tend to the injured and to heal the sick, unless bound by other medical duties, you need to get to the frontlines even in the face of danger.
It seems inconceivable that a physician would himself perish while trying to save the lives of others, but it is the kind of heroism that has happened many times over in the biggest crisis of our lives.
We salute the doctors for risking their lives for others they hardly know.
Our heartfelt gratitude too to all the other volunteers of the frontlines.
Bless you for your courage and sacrifice.
Mabuhay ang Filipino!

My nephew, Ferdinand Carantes Maglaque, youngest son of my late sister Marichu, bade us all farewell the other Sunday, after a long and courageous battle with kidney disease.
Although the reclusive type, Ferdie had lots of friends who were with him during the period of his ailment – providing free transportation, free doctor’s fees, with many promising to take care of his medical bills and funeral expenses.
As per his last wish, we had him cremated, but we shall celebrate his birth to eternal life when things quiet down, hopefully soonest.
Allow me to quote a well-known politician about Ferdie: “Jenyos, jenyos dayta kaanakam ti computer.”
I have no reason to doubt his word.
Godspeed our sweet Ferdie, your mom and dad, your lolos and lolas, await you in heaven.
Happy Easter to all.